Contemplative Activist Scholar Teams

Contemplative We are rooted in contemplative listening, prayer, and thoughtful discernment in both personal and communal spaces. We are concerned with internal movements that help to identify the good in a situation of seemingly multiple options. We ground our work in Ignatian Spirituality and integrate the knowledge of the mind and our affect.

Activist We have a bias towards liberation. We are practical theologians who live at the intersection of the Gospel and Social Media. We create brave spaces for conversations and dialogue and contribute to naming what binds us in order to work towards our shared and common freedom.

Scholar We are grounded in Ignatian Pedagogy, critical theory, liberation theology, and interdisciplinary intersections. Our methods include lecturing/formal presentation, reflection and facilitation, participatory activities which include Theater of the Oppressed, praying in color, spoken word and podcast sessions. We spend time gathering information and offer on‐the‐spot ethnographic research results for the purpose of naming personal and systemic priorities or blind‐spots.

Team “Where two or three are gathered, there am I.” We travel in teams to demonstrate and model the collaboration that building a just society, the kin‐dom of God requires. We value a variety of voices and experiences and therefore, need to work patiently, fluidly, and intentionality to illustrate and embody the process of collaboration as it is a central reality of the body of Christ.

CAST members are ethnographers. We study people and cultures from the perspective and point of view of the subject. We are live recorders for your experience and an active participant in it.

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